About Our HydroWorx Therapy Pool and Acquatic Therapy

Premier Therapy Associates is proudly equipped with a HydroWorx 2000 therapy pool, which has combined the healing properties of water with powerful therapy jets, an underwater treadmill and massage system to lessen arthritic pain, chronic pain, fibromyalgia; enhance post surgery recovery; and bring relief for other health conditions. Research shows that patients utilizing HydroWorx therapy have faster rehab outcomes with less pain.

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Many of our patients enjoy it so much, they even want to continue use of the HydroWorx therapy pool after their course of therapy is over.

Here are some of the reasons why:

    • A standard feature in every HydroWorx pool is the underwater treadmill.  This integrated feature is perfect for targeting appropriate walking mechanics and exercise with less weight bearing and subsequently less pain, sooner than by doing typical land therapy.


    • The variable speed treadmill allows patients to progress at their own pace, with speeds ranging from .2 to 8.0 mph.


    • Various exercises against the resistance therapy jets allow patients to increase strength and range of motion in their joints and muscles as well as focus on dynamic balance because of the currents generated in the pool.


    • Our complete massage system allows patients to adjust the flow to trigger a deep penetrating massage on arthritic joints or a light massage to ease aching and sore muscles.


    • The adjustable floor depth technology, found in the 2000 Series pool, allows patients to instantly and safely enter and exit the water with no ladders or steps, eliminating any risk of falls and accessibility concerns, which is a particularly important with patients who have ambulation and/or strength deficits.


    • When the pool floor is raised to its highest point, it sits flush with the surrounding deck of the pool room.  Pt’s can walk onto, or be wheeled onto the floor with a wheelchair, then they can stand with the help of removable grab bars, and within 30 seconds be lowered to a depth of up to 6 feet, or any depth in-between.  This remarkable piece of engineering can be used with adults of every height just as easily as a toddler who only requires a few inches of water to address therapy goals.


  • This pool can also be used with athletes who wish to work on running and/or swimming skills and conditioning.  Every mile run in the pool is equivalent to 3 miles on land, and the resistance of the water increases strength and speed.

Hydro-treadmill therapy is ideal for recovery from surgery or injury, for patients with orthopedic or chronic conditions, or for the obese or mobility-challenged. The underwater treadmill has been clinically proven to decrease recovery time from surgery, ease pressure on joints, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and lower a patient’s perception of effort.  Many aging adults find land-based exercise too high-impact and painful to do on a regular basis. The aquatic treadmill makes it easy for the elderly to exercise regularly without the risk of falls or the muscle or joint stress associated with land-based activities because of the decreased weight bearing as well as the benefit from the warm water.

Benefits of Underwater Treadmill Training

  • Promotes early range of motion
  • Early initiation of gait training in low impact environment
  • Replicates the proper biomechanics of land-based movements
  • Improved cardiovascular stamina
  • Increased flexibility
  • Muscle toning
  • Increased healing and strengthening of injured tissue
  • Ability to perform a wide range of plyometrics
  • Reduces blood pressure levels
  • Reduces joint stiffness