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Lori Strayer

I started in the therapy field in the mid 90’s here in Idaho Falls as PT/OT tech. In 2001 I had the opportunity to work in a pediatric therapy clinic, where I met many of the therapists that are at Premier Therapy today. In 2004 I began work as Premier’s Receptionist, and currently I am responsible for entering billing into Mountain View Hospital’s system. I take great pride in making sure that charges are timely and accurate to assist in speedy processing for families.

It’s great to work with people who have such a passion for helping others, not only patients, but everyone. I have a medical diagnosis that has had an impact in all areas of my life. Premier has assisted me in being able to continue to be productive in the work force.

I have been married to a wonderful guy for over 30 years. I have two awesome kids and two beautiful grandchildren. I love dogs and have a passion for bowling.