Nicolas Zohner, MOTR/L

Project Description

Nicolas Zohner, MOTR/L

Nicolas graduated from ISU with a Masters in Occupational Therapy in 2010.

He loves spending time with his wife and 5 young children.  He has a broad range of interests and is especially interested in pediatrics. He has received additional training in sensory processing disorders, professional ethics, and nonviolent crisis intervention.

During school he served as the student representative on the Idaho Occupational Therapy Association board and enjoyed being a part of how the governing agency worked in Idaho.

He has grown up in Idaho Falls and loves being outdoors and enjoys flying as a pilot, boating, motorcycles, and about anything with an engine. He has also grown up singing and ballroom dancing which has helped him to be exposed to different cultures in Mexico, Central America, and Canada. These experiences have helped him gain a higher respect and awareness of other cultures which increases his ability to work with people from a variety of backgrounds.